Psychological Counselling

Guidestar counselling focuses on emotional and psychological wellbeing and is designed to help people gain insight, clarity and perspective.

Guidestar provides a safe space for confidential psychology, counselling, and support services for adolescents and adults. All of our psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the Australian Psychological Society. Each psychologist has a different focus and approach, review the profiles of our psychologists on our website.

Psychological counselling focuses on emotional and psychological wellbeing and is designed to help people gain insight, clarity and perspective and find solutions using their own personal strengths.

We deal with a wide range of presenting issues and provide evidence-based therapeutic techniques that are tailored to individual needs.

  • Anxiety, panic or depression
  • Feelings of low self esteem
  • Problems at work
  • Relationship or friendship difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Sexual or physical harm
  • Gender or sexual identity issues
  • Self harm or suicidal thoughts
  • Phobias and fears
  • Stress and stress management
  • Adapting to life transitions

Making an Appointment

Appointments are made by telephoning (03) 9863 6816. You will be asked the general reason for your visit and whether you prefer a male or female psychologist.  If you require an interpreter, please let us know. We will also explain our fee structure and options for Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

Psychological counselling relies on a strong interpersonal relationship and it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease. If for any reason you feel that you have not made a good connection please mention this to your psychologist. Your psychologist will be understanding and discuss alternative arrangements which may include offering appointments with another psychologist or one of the opposite gender.

If you want to have a conversation about your needs, please get in contact with us.

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