Psychological Assessments

Guidestar provides comprehensive and individualised psychological assessments to improve clinical evaluation, inform intervention, and guide therapy.

Psychologists often undertake assessments of individuals, groups or organisations that can provide valuable information about their perceptions, thoughts and feelings, or their cognitive functioning such as memory and learning.

An assessment might include paper and pencil tests like questionnaires and surveys, or the completion of set puzzle-like activities that evaluate certain skills such as planning, memory or problem-solving.

Psychologists often assess children with special learning needs, people with disability, or older adults experiencing problems with declining memory so that they, and others around them better understand their needs. Other psychologists provide assessments for the criminal justice system or evaluate and provide professional psychological opinion to the courts if required.

Guidestar completes assessments for individuals seeking psychological counselling or as part of a comprehensive Behaviour Assessment Report for a NDIS participant.

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